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Friday, July 01, 2011

A New Set Of Pre-Existing Conditions

A New Set Of Pre-Existing Conditions: "

Ezra Klein contemplates genome-based medicine. Matt Steinglass worries about the health insurance implications:

Part of the logic behind insurance is that it's a risk pool; none of us knows when we're gonna go, so we agree to split the costs. But genetic profiling may increasingly give each of us our own set of pre-existing conditions, good or bad. And that may test people's willingness to chip in for the health costs of their fellow-citizens. When "it coulda been me" turns into "nope, it couldn't", we may start, I was about to say "a breakdown in social solidarity", but then I remembered we're talking about America here. How about "even less willingness to do anything for people who aren't as lucky as you are."


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